Bhaj Townsend


In families who own multi-generational businesses or in families who have amassed great wealth, there can be great conflict, conflict that when unresolved, can lead to bitter breakups and permanent loss of trust among family members. This does not have to be although without proper tools, it is the default.


With her 25 years helping families of multi-generational family businesses and families who have amassed great fortunes, shift from intense tension to harmony and cohesion, Bhaj Townsend has become known as the dynamics coach.

Bhaj has brought her wealth of experience and abilities to families across the U.S. resolving conflicts and helping them transform their families to foster trust for generations.

As a family coach, she empowers families to pass wisdom with wealth, values with valuables, and family cohesion from one generation to the next.

Bhaj is a member of a family who experienced the effects of a fourth-generation breakdown in the family business. Due to the tensions and disruptions that resulted, Bhaj dedicated her professional life to understand and guiding families on how to stay connected when money and family both matter.

In addition to her 20+ years as a coach to wealth families, many with family businesses, Bhaj is also a certified mediator who is called upon, from time to time to use her facilitative mediation with families as they move from fear and anxiety to trust and harmony with measurable systems that families can use for generations.

Bhaj has presented nationally, authored 3 books, one game and has three programs that are highly respected and utilized by people around the country. She currently lives near Lake Washington, outside of Seattle, Washington. When she is not working you may find her playing her guitars, performing with her husband, taking photos, or keeping up with the pro tennis world.


  • Build a Lasting Legacy; What it Takes to Connect your Family for Generations
  • Transferring Wisdom with Wealth: 11 Burning Questions Answered on Keeping your Family Connected when Money Matters
  • Making It Easier for your Loved Ones: When you Organize your Wishes
  • Celebration of Life: world renown multi-generational family game

Certifications and Honors

  • Fellow from Heritage Institute
  • Certificate from Roy Williams Group
  • Certified Mediator


  • Chair Emeritus of Northwest Family
    Business Advisors
  • Past President of East King County
    Estate Planning Council
  • Presenter and Host on Radio and
  • 10 years plus Legacy blogger
  • Early developer of wealth family tools and systems
  • Coach for over 25 years to families of wealth

Bhaj is extremely present in the moment and you know that she is giving you 100% of her attention and focus… Bhaj is the real deal and loves the work. She speaks from personal experience and pitfalls. Bhaj lives what she teaches.