How Does a Family Build Trust?

When trust is broken, factions appear. Families are broken when trust is broken or withdrawn. How can a family foster trust when it has not defined how that trust is to be recognized. Trust breaks down when a fault line cracks open and exposes the difference between what is said and what is done. Trust is key in a legacy family for it is a foundation upon which so much else is built. Trust is a cornerstone. Without guidelines to the purpose of money, the purpose of the greater family, it is difficult to rally around a centerpiece, for, instead, individuals are building their own, sometimes competing sets of trust guidelines. When families lose their trust, they can’t gather “together “around a cause. Separation breeds division.


A family that wants to thrive must have an environment where trust is nurtured. All voices must be heard. A common purpose must be developed and nurtured.  Trust, as a solid cornerstone, can foster and build families of great significance and understanding. Trust is built on sharing the family’s underlying principles and expanding upon its roadmap of harmony and purpose. When families nurture trust, great respect and understanding are developed. When trust is withdrawn, relationships can wear thin, families can fray.

My Role:

I work with families in rebuilding trust when it is broken, in defining the guidelines to trust, when trust needs to be reestablished, and to define descriptions of trust for the family to foster Once trust is defined around the family’s principles and values, the framework holds its members to its standard.

When trust is clearly established it can bring ease to important conversations. Conversations about money become a conversation of what it is for and how can it be best utilized.  What purposes do we want to utilize it for as a family?  It establishes a basis to move forward in a positive way to cement the family legacy and financial future.

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