Take the Acclaimed Legacy Assessment


How do you want your family to benefit from your wealth? Do you want them to further their education, grow the family business, benefit the community, strengthen family bonds?

If you are like others who have responded to this question, you probably want these and more to benefit your family. But the concern is how will the family benefit as well as individual members without tearing the fabric of the family ‘s core?

The short Legacy Assessment you can take, will tell you how prepared your family is to both pass on and receive the family wealth, be it assets, a business, or the heart of the family.

You will learn how prepared your family is in transferring and receiving the family wealth. You will learn what gaps your family faces and what action you can take to keep your family from falling apart.

Click here to take the Legacy Family Assessment© Discover how prepared your family is to shepherd its family’s intentions from one generation to the next.