Did You Know: 70% of families with wealth lose their wealth by the end of the second generation

We guide families to live with purpose while nurturing their unity, for generations to come.

Family Communication

Family communications can be difficult enough but add the extra layer of a family business or considerable wealth, and communication just got more challenging.

  • Is your family prepared to transfer its wealth and resources?
  • Is your family prepared to receive and steward its legacy? When communication is challenging, there is a threat hanging over a successful transfer.

Family Trust

Family members build and withdraw their trust with long accompanying consequences and effects.

  • Is your family fostering the trust that can foster a family that thrives through the generations?
  • When trust is weakened in a family there is a threat hanging over the family’s health and longevity. What can you do?

Family Dynamics

Challenging relationships, those filed with misunderstandings, mistrust, or coercion do not foster unity. A family that wants to last for generations builds family dynamics that strengthen and nourish the family core.

  • How do your family dynamics impact your family?
  • What keeps you awake at night?

About Us

Focus and Sustain works with families to transform their success into a significant legacy that reaches into and far beyond the generations present today.

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    The Money Focus program has empowered me to have more control over money. I simply cannot believe how we used to live together without openness and transparency around where we spent money.


    Bhaj is extremely present in the moment and you know that she is giving you 100% of her attention and focus… Bhaj is the real deal and loves the work. She speaks from personal experience and pitfalls. Bhaj lives what she teaches.


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