What is your Role in Promoting Family Communication?

The threat hanging over a successful transfer is found in the way that families communicate with one another over that which matters most to them. Most don’t even talk about it as a community. Instead, they talk about it, if at all, in siloed conversations. This leads to the adage you have heard barn to stars to barn in three generations, clogs to clogs in 3 generations. Studies have shown that for 70% of wealthy families the money i9s gone by the end of the second generation, 90% by the end of the third generation, families split apart or broken.


Families that thrive and foster community while supporting individual lives over generations, understand the role of communication to their success. They understand how their purpose, its guiding compass, their mission, its message, the brand, its expression, and the story, its heart, all play a role in the communication of the family.

My Role:

My role in facilitating family communication is to foster respectful conversation.  Conversations where we are listening to each other.  It is easy for families to fall into the trap of “I know what you’re going to say. You’re already said it. 50,000 trillion times”. And the response is “what’s the point here? Let’s talk about this instead.” My role is to facilitate conversation from an agenda, one topic at a time, keep the topic at the forefront, not have interruptions and allow all voices to be heard.

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