Focus and Sustain is committed to helping families and their members live lives that further their legacy

For over 25 years we’ve been teaching, coaching and advising people in sustaining what matters most to them. Our clients can attest to that.

Our Story

Bhaj is a member of a family who experienced a fourth-generation breakdown. Due to the tensions and consequences that resulted from the turmoil of the unhealthy dynamics, Bhaj dedicated her professional life to finding out what works and guiding families to stay connected when money, a family business and the family, are at risk of being unnecessarily torn apart.

Bhaj lives in Kirkland, Washington. Ask her about her passion for acoustic guitar playing and tennis.

Our Values


Vision anticipates that which may come to be. Vision is important to us as it sets our direction. Vision is such a powerful force that we believe everyone should build the vision that inspires them.


Empathy gives us the ability to understand our clients’ pain so that we can guide them towards the solution best suited to them.


To us, leadership is showing the way to best practices. We initiate, direct and guide our employees and our clients to be leaders of their own lives.


Harmony is that state where all aspects of your life work together. Our programs are designed to look at and work on the three pillars that sustain your harmonious and happy life: legacy, life meaning and money.


We value humor a lot at Focus and Sustain. We find that humor makes hard issues more palatable and good times even more fun. Humor stimulates the mind and makes us more creative to help you find solutions to your particular situation.

Meet Bhaj

Bhaj Townsend helps families create unity where conflict is creating division. Her mission is simple: to equip multi-generational families with the tools to stay vibrant, relevant, and connected.